cbseWe received some queries regarding CBSE PSA Exam, our team is making an attempt to answer those queries. We hope that we finish all your doubts.

Q 1. What does PSA Exam have to do with Internal Assessment?

A 1. Problem Solving Assessment Exam will be counted towards FA-4 i.e 10% of total assessment of class IX. The Assessment will also be carried to Class X.

Q 2. Can the students of Class IX improve their PSA Score?

A 2. Yes, they will be given a chance to improve their score in Class X. The students have to appear for PSA IX and have to sit with IX class students.

Q 3. If a student appear for improvement in class X and score less marks than last time, then which score will be given importance?

A 3. In that case, the best score will be reflected in final Certificate.

Q 4. Is it compulsory for students to appear in PSA exam?

A 4. Yes it is compulsory for students of class IX & XI to appear for the exam. However it is optional for class X student.

Q 5. What will be the syllabus for PSA?

A 5. The question paper is made up of the sections: Language Conventions, Qualitative Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning.

Q 6.  Who will conduct the PSA exam?

A 6. It will be conducted by the Board. A student will get the same registration number as for board.

Q 7. When will be PSA score awarded?

A 7. The board will issue certificates in July for class XI students. However IX class students can check their score in CCE Certificate.

Q 8. What happens when a student of class IX remain absent in PSA exam?

A 8. He has to appear for improvement exam in class X.

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