The road accidents have become the order of the day. There is not even a single day when there were no news of accidents around. The reasons are more than one. Unlike the bygone times, the life now has become a race, and each one likes to surpass the other in this race. Fastness is not always condemnable. However rash vehicle driving in a crowded area is not a sign of wisdom. On the contrary it is the stupidness in the form of ego which invites mishappenings. The judicious driver knows well where to be fast or slow in the interest of public. This policy always guards him against any unwanted incident.


However the bad conditions of roads, also becomes the cause of accidents. The roads must be wider in breadth. The situation becomes all the more worse where one finds that the road is used as two way. This gives birth to unnecessary traffic. In some countries there are roads allotted for speed-bound vehicles. The badly damaged roads are also required to be maintained quickly to avoid any impending tragedy.


Traffic rules are always for public safety. Their observance may avert dangers following the survival of many lives. They are the guiding principles which continue to protect us while travelling. Hastiness sometimes are more prone to accident. This can be seen mostly at places where a road intercepts the railway crossing. Among various reasons, one is use of mobile while driving a vehicle. Today it has become a part of fashion. Even the well educated people are the victim of this habit. Much has been written in this respect. But it is a pity that advices are not taken seriously. One must be very cautious while handling a vehicle. A slight slipshed may bring about an unexpected incident. Therefore it is better to halt the vehicle, and attend the phone.


A drunken state of driver may also be the cause of accidents. The driver must realise that he has some responsibilites towards the public. The government should adopt strict measures against such driving. If required their driving license should be withdrawn.


What deserves our attention most in the course of an accident is the lack of adequate experience. The youngsters have been found driving the vehicle, without any license. The authority should have to be very strict. No one of this category should be allowed to run the vehicle. We see unruly loading in the transportation of goods. The vehicle-operator often lose control over the vehicle following a heavy collision.


The road accidents are there. The impossibility of its occurance cannot be agreed to. But the extent to which it is taking place is thought-provoking. The collaborative efforts of the government and civil society can do better in this field. The public must have to be cautious in this respect. Voluntary organisations should come ahead and they should launch a campaign against the growing road accidents. An intensive outlook will brings all together. However it requires a pyschological revolution and it can’t ┬ábe brought about only by passing resolution but rather by creating awareness among the people about the hazards of road accidents. Only then we can do something good for mankind which we all desire,

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