Year 2012

1. The chief Minister is the link of communication between:

(a) the Governor and the council of Ministers
(b) The CM & PM
(c) The President & PM
(d) None of these

2. A day is added when a man crosses the International Date Line from:
(a) North to south
(b) East to west
(c) North to east
(d) South to west

3. Who is the First Indian to make a first solo Flight?

(a) Arzan Singh
(b) Rakesh Sharma
(c) J.R.D Tata
(d) Jamshedji Tata

4. Improved variety of Maize is:

(a) Sonalika
(b) Pusa-101
(c) Ranjit
(d) Padma

5. K.R Kumaraswamy Iyer plays:
(a) Veena
(b) Flute
(c) Sitar
(d) Sarod

6. The first Indian to reach Olymic finals in Individual track events was:

(a) P.T Usha
(B) Shiny Abharam
(c) Arti Saha
(d) M.D. Valsamma

7. Look jaw is a disease cause by:
(a) Pasteurella pestis
(b) Clostridium tentani
(c) Treponema pallidum
(d) Corynebacterium diptheriae

8. Who was the first Indian Cricket captain?

(a) C.K Nayudu
(b) Lala Amarnath
(c) K.S Ranjit Singh
(d) None of these

9. Who amongst the Muslim rulers first enforced price regulation?
(a) Mohammed Tughluq
(b) Iltumish
(c) Alauddin Khilji
(d) Sher Shah Suri

10. The Suri dynasty was founded in Inia by:
(a) Sher Sani
(b) Sher Shah Khan
(c) Khilji”
(d) None of these

11. How many pieces of 85 cm length can be cut from a rod of 42.5 metres long?
(a) 30
(b) 40
(c) 60
(d) None of these

12 Theratio of the ages of Ajay and Vijay is 3:4. After 5 years, the new ratio of their ages will be 4:5. What is the age of Vijay at present?
(a) 15 years
(b) 18 years
(c) 20 years
(d) 24 years

13. Where is the Zonal Headquarters of South East Central Railway located?
(a) Bilaspur
(b) Hubli
(c) Jabalpur
(d) Bhubaneswar

14. Choose the one which is different from other is group?
(a) 275
(b) 451
(c) 297
(d) 254

15. Which is the capital of UT of Dadra and Nagar Haveli?
(a) Dadra
(b) Nagar Haveli
(c) Kavaratti
(d) Silvassa

16. Which number is missing in the given number series? 240, ? ,120, 40, 10, 2
(a) 180
(b) 240
(c) 420
(d) 480

17. A type of rainfall which occors when wind rises up along a hill or mountain barrier is called:
(a) Anti cyclonic
(b) Convectional
(c) Cyclonic
(d) Orographic

18. Moses and lichen are the characteristic vegetation of:
(a) Hot desert region
(b) Meditteranean region
(c) Temperate region
(d) Tundra region

19. Which of the following dances belong to Gujarat?
(a) Garba, Chunar
(b) Bidesia, Chohau, Oraon
(c) Bihar, Bamboo dance
(d)  Kuchipudi, Kotlam Ghurayayyahu

20. Sound takes some time to travel from one place to another. It will be maximum:
(a) at night
(b) during summer
(c) during winter
(d) all the same

21. Rashtrakutas, Pratiharas and Palas were involved in :
(a) origin struggle
(b) tripartite struggle
(c) kingdom struggle
(d) none of these

22. Widal test is used for susceptibility of:
(a) Malaria
(b) Typhoid
(c) Cholera
(d) Yellow fever

23. A merchant has 1000 kg of sugar, part of which he sells at 8% profit and rest at 18% profit. He gains 14% on the whole. The quantity sold at 18 % profit is:
(a) 560 kg
(b) 600 kg
(c) 400 kg
(d) 640 kg

24. Which private company in India is the first to get protection from Chennai Industrial Security Force?
(a) Wipro
(b) Tata Motors
(c) Infosys
(d) None of these

25. Who completed Qutub Minar?
(a)  Akbar
(b) Shahjahan
(c) Iltutmish
(d) Balban

26. Mumtaz Mahal was the wife of which famous Mughal Emperor
(a) Akbar
(b) Aurangzeb
(c) Shah Jahan
(d) Jahangir

27.  _______ is the study of the remains of past.
(a) Biography
(b) Archaeology
(c) Cartology
(d) None of these

28. Choose the best alternative Mother:Child: Cloud: ?
(a) Weather
(b) Rain
(c) Thunder
(d) Water

29. The Sepoy Mutiny or First war of Independence took place in the year ______
(a) 1853 A.D
(b) 1855 A.D
(c) 1857 A.D
(d) 1861 A.D

30. Ashoka, the Great ruled between________?
(a) 320-300 BC
(b) 300-273 BC
(c) 273-232 BC
(d) 232-226 BC

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Answer Keys:

1-a 16-b
2-b 17-d
3-c 18-d
4-b 19-a
5-a 20-c
6-a 21-b
7-b 22-b
8-a 23-b
9-c 24-c
10-b 25-c
11-d 26-c
12-c 27-b
13-a 28-b
14-d 29-c
15-d 30-c

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